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Here are some links I appreciate and which are very useful when preparing a horseback journey in New Zealand.


New Zealand's largest database of trails, parks and reserves with public horse riding access. They provide maps, photo and information on places you can ride your horse(s), and New Zealand's only online directory of equine accomodation.


New Zealand's equestrian recreation network.


Te Araroa is a continuous 3,000 km walking track crossing New Zealand from South to North.


Site where are gathered all the gpx tracks covering the Araroa trail.


All New Zealand maps on-line (large scale and detailed ones).


Pete Langford's blog, a new zelander who crossed his country from the very south to the very north, last year, with two horses.


Tony and Fiona do horse treks in the south island for several weeks per year. They share their experience about the high country on their website. The gear and the horses they use is very well presented. Tony help us a lot by building a custom itinerary. He's might be the only person who is able to do so, as he seem to have ridden himself everywhere.


This girl, now a famous photographer, has ridden the length of New Zealand... Twice! Once with a friend, once on her own. The journeys are well documented and illustrated with awesome pictures in her book "Riding by faith".